Project Name: Garden Cottage

Location: Suburban Sacramento, CA

Date: 2018

Type:  Addition to existing 2424 SF one story home
Size: 638 SF One Story
Budget: $216,000
Project Team: Applied Architecture Michael F. Malinowski FAIA; Henley Construction; Robertson Engineering

Project Story:

The couple that had lived in this suburban Sacramento home for over 40 years decided in their 80’s to tackle another building project.  They enlisted the same architect who several times over the decades had helped them enlarge, adjust and enlighten their home – always moving it closer toward the “redwood cottage in the garden” that was in their minds eye.  They decided with this project to add a modest wing that they would retire to – allowing them to give up the main home to their son’s family.

The bright reading nook in the bedroom and the picture window + French door in the lounge connect directly to their garden.  After their first year of occupancy, they report being comfortable and happy in their new smaller digs, with privacy and connectedness balanced just right.