Project Name: Pop Top

Location: Midtown Sacramento, CA

Date: 2013

Type: New Second Story Over Existing Garage

Size: 654 SF new area over existing 625 SF garage
Budget: $175,000
Project Team: Applied Architecture Michael F. Malinowski FAIA; Mike Mack Construction; Barton Newton Structural Engineer

Project Story:

The owner of this midtown Sacramento home on a 40×160 lot wanted to add a rental apartment to generate secondary income.  The best spot seemed to be directly above his alley facing garage.  With the design implemented in 2012 the approval process was more complex than exists today, requiring both planning entitlements and fire sprinklers.  Even so, the result was a great success with income more than covering costs and neighbors who were pleased with the low key design.  The dwelling is a cozy and efficient 654 sq ft 2 bedroom one bath apartment that even has a small laundry room.  The simple exterior draws from the character of the one story bungalow main home.